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Creating a Zen like bathroom is not just about having a beautiful design aesthetic, it’s also about creating a relaxing environment that encompasses all your senses.

If you have been fortunate enough to visit a luxury spa, what is the first thing that reminds you of that space? For me, it was the wonderful scent that wafted thru the rooms and hallways. So lets start with that. I’m not one to remember to light a candle every time I take a relaxing hot bath, so I prefer to have something that ALWAYS is sure to have my bathrooms smelling like an amazing spa. Here’s how I found my perfect source for the BEST home scent products. Don’t laugh at me.. or judge- please 😊 On a visit to The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, I had an appointment for a massage, and in the ladies changing area, it smelled HEAVENLY. So I started investigating where the heck this amazing smell was coming from. There was a machine on the wall, (I found one later in the ladies restroom just above the towel holder) , and I took the cover off and and found this : "Aroma Retail " was the brand name on these units. They are located in Las Vegas and supply the resorts with these amazing “ Signature Scents” that get piped in thru the ventilation systems and other areas. They now sell small units for use in homes (and even tinier units for travel ,cars and RVs) . They have reed diffusers – which is what I use in my bathrooms. The scent I love is called …you guessed it “ Luxury Spa”. I've also purchased their home unit , and I use the Venetian (pre 2015) scent for the main area of my home. They have sample blotters available for the nominal cost of a few dollars, so you can test out a fragrance before purchasing.
Try adding a diffuser to your countertop and your tub surround to envelop your room with the wonderful smell of a luxury spa.
Click on photo below for link to their website.

Now that we have your room smelling like a luxury spa, lets move on to our next sense - Touch.


  • Replace your old worn towels with fresh, fluffy white, sumptuous towels. They go with every bathroom, can be bleached or OxiCleaned to keep that bright white look, and they scream “SPA”.


  • For underfoot, add a soft bath rug or, if you have the space, a pretty runner. Ruggable is one of my go to brands for bathroom runners. They are beautiful and washable. Perfect for the bathroom, with lots of colors and styles available.

Moving on to our next sense: Visual
As mentioned above -add a beautiful soft rug . Bathrooms are generally small, and full of hard surfaces. Adding a rug, and pretty shower curtain help to soften things up.

Clutter…it’s a total “spa feel” killer. So if you’re not using something, get rid of it or put it out of sight. Baskets can add texture to your room and help keep you organized with the items that you do need to keep out. A small tray to hold your reed diffuser or candle, and a small vase with greenery or a few fresh flowers cut from your garden will add that special touch to your bathroom counter.


Have a cohesive look for your shower by using refillable pump bottles like these:

These can be found on amazon, click picture to link to product.

A new massage showerhead may be something to consider adding for a relaxing Spa Shower experience.

Finally, adding a small countertop lamp for ambient light, turning off all harsh overhead lighting, and turning on some soft relaxing music will complete the ambiance for your new Zen spa. Envelope your senses…..touch, smell, visual and sound. ENJOY!! YOU DESERVE IT !!

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