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4 Reasons Your Coffee Table Styling Doesn't Look Amazing

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If you’re struggling with getting that perfect look for your coffee table,  than you’ve come to the right place.  Use the following tips to get you’re decorating A game on.

Vary the textures and colors.

Vary the smoothness of a piece of pottery or glass vase, with the texture of greenery or flowers.  Wood beads, a metal statue, a wood candlestick will all give you a variety in your textures.

Also, be sure to include an accent color from your room so that the vignette ties back into the rest of your décor.


Isn't this gorgeous!?   What colors do you have in your room? Pick one color, and find something – a book, a small piece of pottery, that will incorporate this color in the mix of items on your coffee table.

Vary the height and shape of items.

 When arranging – think of a right  triangle. As in examples below.

Photo credit : Sand and

Working with odd numbers is the simplest way to effectively group your decorative items for display . Three seems to be the most pleasing to the eye.  Items that are vertically stacked together count as one item (Like a stacked set of books).

Photo Credit: Morse Design

Pick one taller item, then balance it out with something shorter that has a different shape.  Tall items could be a vase alone, or with flowers or greenery.  A picture frame , or a smaller item placed on top of a stack of books all make for good options. Don’t forget your favorite candle and a personal memento that you love.


Trays are your best friend.

Photo credit: Harlow James

Trays will keep your coffee table looking neat and tidy while corralling all your pretty items and can also hold a box for your remotes or other necessities . A beautiful tray grounds your items to the space and draws the eye to the objects.  Also, a tray doesn’t necessarily need to be one in the traditional sense.  An old vintage breadboard can also serve in place of a tray.

Photo Credit: Lavender Lane Interiors of Ca

Coffee table books are your 2nd best friend.  They can be so beautiful, stacked or just on their own. My books are generally interior design related, but historical and scientific books, or anything that strikes your fancy will work. You can also pick up a beautiful hardcover book on places you have visited or while on vacation.  Sometimes taking the paper cover off the hardcover books lends a bit more polish to your look.

Overall Layout

A long rectangular coffee table can be divided into sections of two or three.  Decorate each area separately.

 Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

Large square tables look great when divided into quarters. 

Photo Credit: Darling Darleen

One last note friends,  always leave room for……your coffee cup.   

 Photo Credit: An Edited Lifestyle

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 Until next time friends, have a beautiful week

Sherrie & Jessica



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